PlayFULL Insights™ is a novel, play-based methodology for insight professionals who want to gain depth and breadth of understanding in a new way that is exciting and effective. It's ideal for researchers looking to bring something new to their clients, both internal and external. From consumers to C-level executives, target audiences to internal teams, PlayFULL Insights™ engages and inspires everyone participating in a research initiative.


  • PlayFULL Insights™ is a play-based process, so participants feel relaxed and stress-free; as a result, they go deep and take risks when sharing
  • The group questions “the model” not the participant, enhancing trust and relieving pressure
  • Participants engage their whole brain to build models, leveraging all learning preferences: auditory, visual and kinesthetic
  • People's hands become like a search engine for their brains, tapping into their subconscious for insights below the surface
  • Each individual participates fully because everyone builds and everyone listens – by design, the process eliminates “group think” and levels playing fields
  • It involves storytelling, largely metaphorical -- participants help us understand key concepts by helping us understand components of their LEGO® models -- which generates new ways of understanding
  • There's research and neuroscience to back up all of the above benefits

Created in a collaboration between Karen Lynch, of Karen Lynch and Associates, and Siri Lynn, of Idea Exchange, Inc., PlayFULL Insights™ was adapted from the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology for marketing research purposes.